An investment
for liquid gold.

For a bee colony with thousands of workers, hundreds of drones and a queen. Be a part of the superorganism «BEESVOLK».

Invest in a bee colony - not just a bee colony, but in our environment, nature, pollination and biodiversity. Jenny & Jonas work hard every day on their bee colonies. The beekeeper with his bees alone does not manage to regulate the environment and biodiversity. Every single person needs it. You, too.

Your Investment
With only CHF 300.00 you invest in an important part of our environment and in the bee colony. As a thank you for your investment you have of course a profit!
Your Profit
For 3 years you will receive a credit worth CHF 120.00. With this annual credit of CHF 120.00, you can easily order from our entire range, all articles relating to the bee colony in the online shop.

After receipt of payment you will receive a certificate with validity of 3 years. Anyone who does not completely mine the Bee investment within the term has also worked for the bees. We will use the unsubscribed amount for the benefit of our bees.

In addition to the sweet package home, you may visit the bee colonies by appointment. Gain an insight into the life of a beekeeper with his many employees. Jonas and Jenny Bürgler are happy to introduce you to the beekeeping trade and the most important pollinator.

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