Jenny & Jonas

At home on the beautiful Flumserberg, with a view of the mighty Churfirsten and the crystal clear Walensee in the Swiss Alps, we share not only the same surname, but also a love for beekeeping. We are happy to welcome you here to introduce you to our honey.

Way & Manner

For the best thermal insulation and perfect for transport to the Alps, we work with hard-box boxes and the Dadant-leaf system.

Stripes & Sting

Our mountain bee of the breed "Carnica" is well adapted to our alpine climate. She is very friendly, has a high cleaning power and is extremely efficient.

Mountain Valley

The bees spend the spring between dandelions and fruit trees. In summer some of the peoples migrate to over 1500m above sea level. for our mountain blossom honey. The others stay with linden trees, sweet chestnuts and meadow flowers in the valley.

Breeding & Protection

Every year we make enough young people and breed young queens. To preserve the honeybee, this is enormously important, as due to diseases and Varroa mites is always expected to fail.